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Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

Functional Excipients Asahi Kasei

Developing new paths to broaden your horizons with the functional excipients of Asahi Kasei Europe


Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

Ceolus™ of Asahi Kasei Europe

With their extraordinary compactibility, Ceolus™ UF and KG facilitate formulation design and tableting efficiency - for high-dose, small-tablet, and low-compactibility drug implementations. Standard Ceolus PH and colloidal Ceolus RC series are widely recognized and trusted for superior function, performance, and quality

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Asahi Kasei Ceolus

Applications & Innovations Ceolus

Package Information Ceolus™

Polyethylene bag in kraft paper bag

    • Net Weight KG-1000: 10kg
    • Net Weight KG-802/UF-702/UF-711: 15kg
    • Net Weight PH-101/ PH-102/ PH-200: 20kg
    • Net Weight PH-301/ PH302: 25kg

Polyethylene bag in carton box

  • Net Weight PH-F20JP : 20kg

Package Information Celphere™

  • Polyethylene bag in carton box
  • Net Weight: 20kg

Package Information PC-10

  • Polyethylene bag in kraft paper bag
  • Net Weight: 20kg