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Asahi Kasei Ceolus™

Functional Excipients of Asahi Kasei

Developing new paths to broaden your horizons with the functional excipients of Asahi Kasei Europe. Explore our products: Ceolus™, Celphere™ and PC-10.

Asahi Kasei Ceolus™

Celphere™ of Asahi Kasei Europe

Celphere™ is a 100% MCC spherical cores with high tolerance to mechanical stress, excellent sphericity and smooth surface.

The Characteristics and Functions of Celphere™

Celphere™ is a 100% MCC spherical seed core for drug layering and film coating. It has high mechanical strength and water absorption and is an optimum solution for a wide range of controlled release, taste masked and MUPS formulations.

celphere, powder
micrograph celphere
MCC spherical seed core

Features, Performance & Benefits


Features: 100% MCC sphere, smooth surface, excellent sphericity and narrow size distribution

Performance: High mechanical strength, moderate water absorption, low reactivity and stable particle properties

Packaging: Polyethylene bag in kraft paper bag – Net weight: 20kg

Benefits For Your Formulation


Tolerant with high stress


Reduced aggregation


Yield improvement in coating


Storage stability


Suitable for controlled release formulations and MUPS

Particle Size Range

CP-102 CP-203 CP-305 CP-507 CP-708
106-212µm 150-300µm 300-500µm 500-710µm 710-850µm
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