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Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

Functional Excipients Asahi Kasei

Developing new Paths to broaden your horizons with the functional Excipients of Asahi Kasei Europe.


Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

Ceolus™ of Asahi Kasei Europe

With their extraordinary properties, Ceolus™ UF and KG facilitate formulation design and tableting efficiency - for high-dose, small-tablet, and low-compactibility drug implementations. Standard Ceolus™ PH and colloidal Ceolus™ RC series are widely recognized and trusted for superior function, performance, and quality.

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Asahi Kasei Ceolus


Ceolus™ – Compactibility and Flowability

Ceolus products provide enhancements of both compactability and flowability to your tablets.

Select from our product selection.

Choose from our product families Ceolus™ KG and Ceolus™ UF according to your needs. Click on the product names to learn more about the properties and characteristics of our additives.

The Characteristics and Functions Ceolus KG

CEOLUS™ KG is a super-compactable MCC powder. Rodform particles. Facilitates high-dose formulations, low-compactable drugs tableting, and reduced tablet size.

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Ceolus Compactability and Flow

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Features, Performance & Benefits

Ceolus KG

Features: Rod shaped Particles

Performance: Super compactability

Packaging: Polyethylene bag in kraft paper bag

Benefits For Your Formulation


Faciliate high dosage formulation


Realize low pressure tableting


Lower tablet friability


Preventing sticking and capping


Suitable for roller compaction


Suitable for ODT, MUPS, bilayer tablets

High Performance MCC

Grade Bulk Density [g/cm³] Average particle size [μm] Repose angle (Powder) Water absorption capacity [%] Vitamin E absorption capacity [%]
KG-1000 0.12 50 57 350 270
KG-802 0.21 50 49 260 200

Application Ceolus KG-802 & KG-1000

The Characteristics and Functions Ceolus UF

CEOLUS™ UF is a MCC powder with unrivalled combination of compactability and flowability. Porous, multi-rodform rounded particles. Facilitates high-dose formulations, low compactable drugs tableting, reduced tablet size and enhanced tableting efficiency.

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Ceolus Compactability and Flow

micrograph uf-711


micrograph uf-702


Features, Performance & Benefits

Ceolus UF

Features UF-702: Rod shaped & porous MCC Particles

Features UF-711: Porous MCC Particle

Performance: Super flowability, swellability, Adsorption on the particle surface

Performance: Well-balanced compatability and flowability

Benefits For Your Formulation


Improve poorly flowable formulations


Fast disintegration and dissolution with
sufficient hardness


Prevent segregation and over-lubrication


Facilitate high speed tableting


Optimized for tableting of poorly
compactable and flowable formulations

High Performance MCC

Grade Bulk Density [g/cm³] Average particle size [μm] Repose angle (Powder) Water absorption capacity [%] Vitamin E absorption capacity [%]
UF-702 0.29 100 34 260 190
UF-711 0.22 50 42 260 200

Application Ceolus UF-711 and UF-702


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