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Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

Functional Exipients Asahi Kasei

Developing new Paths to broaden your horizons with the functional Exipients of Asahi Kasei Europe.


Introducing Asahi Kasei Europe

Ceolus™ of Asahi Kasei Europe

With their extraordinary properties, Ceolus™ UF and KG facilitate formulation design and tableting efficiency - for high-dose, small-tablet, and low-compactibility drug implementations. Standard Ceolus™ PH and colloidal Ceolus™ RC series are widely recognized and trusted for superior function, performance, and quality.

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Asahi Kasei Ceoulus

SEM Pictures

The Characteristics and Functions Ceolus PH

Ceolus Compactability and Flow


Features, Performance & Benefits

Ceolus PH

Ceolus™ PH series of standard MCC powder grades provide excellent, well proven quality and performance in broad range of pharmaceutical applications.

Typical Properties

Grade Bulk Density [g/cm³] Average particle size [μm] Repose angle Loss of drying (%)
PH-101 0.29 50 45 2.0-6.0
PH-102 0.30 90 42 2.0-6.0
PH-200 0.35 170 36 2.0-6.0
PH-301 0.41 50 41 2.0-6.0
PH-302 0.43 90 38 2.0-6.0
PH-F20JP 0.23 20 60 7.0

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